Energy36 - Multi-lines electric meter and analyser


The meter ENERGY36 is deisgned for multi-lines electric counting.

Présentation ENERGY36

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How ENERGY36 works

ENERGY36 is fast installed and easily implemented in your environment.

Fonctionnement d'ENERGY36

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BMS / Energy Efficiency

ENERGY36 is compatible with BMS/BAS and energy efficiency projects

AREE Logiciel d'éfficacité énergétique

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  • Communication
    Increases the communication distance long range radio to 6 km (in open field).
  • Integration 
    Validation of the Modbus table in the softwares of Inneasoft company.
  • Privilege day
    Introducing ENERGY36 solution on "privilege day Energy Efficiency" on January 27, 2015 in Paris.

in 2 min

Video introduction of the multi-lines electric meter ENERGY36.

Introductory video ENERGY36
More videos in 'Introdution' and 'how it works'


  • Speed
    Simple and fast Installation.
  • Performance
    Multi-lines electric counter and analyser.
  • Saving
    Low-cost line measurement.
  • Communications
    Modbus and radio.
  • Quality
    Designed and manufactured by a French compagny. Warranty 5 years.