ENERGY36 Introduction

ENERGY36 The meter ENERGY36 is designed for the multi-lines electric counting. It measures and analyzes simultaneously up to 36 lines.
The data available due to its network analyser functions (rating, current, voltage, active energy, reactive,THD) allows to a deep analysis of the electric data.
It perfectly fits to the project of energy counting and efficiency.

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Easy to implement

ENERGY36 three steps installation

Video introducing ENERGY 36 - Energy efficiency projects

Measurement and analysis

ENERGY36 measures and analyses Simultaneously measures and analyses 1 to 36 uniphase electric lines or to 1 to 12 triphase lines on only one ENERGY36.
You can install up to 10 ENERGY36 on only one cordless network. As a result, you can collect the measurement data, on a whole plant and up to 360 electric lines.
For each uniphase and triphase lines you can analyse the following

- Active rating

- Reactive rating

- Apparent power

- Harmonic

- Voltage

- Current

- Frequency

- Line disturbance



Because of its French design and manufacture, ENERGY36 is high quality and a 5 year-warranty product.
ENERGY36 innovation and technology has been patented.


  • Savings due to « open tores » measurement which allows a very rapid installation.
  • Savings due to the cordless communication which prevents wires network between the multi-lines meters ENERGY36.
  • Savings with the modular design of the multi-lines meter which allows to adapt the number of measure boards to the number of lines to measure.
  • Savings with the « Plug and Play » design, which optimizes setup.