ENERGY36 : Quote request

Configuration recommendation:

A ENERGY36 configuration should include at least the folowing items:
A multi-line meter
A measurement module (maximum 12 per counter). A measurement module can host a maximum of 3 tores.
- A
tore by measured phase (1 for a single-phase, and 3 for three-phase).
It is important to take into consideration the tores power when ordering.
A RTU ModBus to IP ModBus gateway (optional).
- A touchscreen to display the data locally (optional).



ENERGY 36 multi-line meter
5 year-warranty.
Includes: Main card with long-range wireless communication + communication disconnectable cards + case + quick connectors + software for the use of data.
Not included: measurement cards and tores clips.


EE-NRJ36MES01ENERGY36 - Module

Measurement cards
5 year-warranty.
Includes: measuring plugable card and quick connector.
Each ENERGY36 counter can host 1 to 12 measurement cards.


Tore 20A
Clip-Tore current measurement - 20A - 1 year warranty


Tore 80A
Clip-Tore current measurement - 80A - 1 year warranty


Tore 120A
Clip-Tore current measurement - 120A - 1 year warranty

Tore 300A
Clip-Tore current measurement - 300A - 1 year warranty


Tore 600A
Clip-Tore current measurement - 600A - 1 year warranty


Tore 1500A
Clip-Tore current measurement - 1500A - 1 year warranty


Tore 3000A
Clip-Tore current measurement - 3000A - 1 year warranty


Tore 5000A
Clip-Tore current measurement - 5000A - 1 year warranty


Gateway USB - RS485
Transfers data from ENERGY36 to a PC.

1 year warranty

Modbus serial => IP converter
Converts the data from Modbus serial to Modbus IP.
1 year warranty.


7-inch touchscreen display
locally the ENERGY36 instant data.
1 year warranty.