How the multi-lines electric meter ENERGY36 works

How ENERGY36 works ENERGY36 is designed to reduce electric line measurement to a lower cost.
It generates savings when installed due to the "open tores" use which allows a faster setup, as well as the cordless communication which avoid the use of wire network.
The multi-lines meter ENERGY36 is also modular, and therefore scalable. It can host 1 to 12 measurement cards, which allows you to exactly adjust the cost of the number of place you want to measure.

Quick Start ENERGY36

Documentation ENERGY36

Video introducing the structure and use of the data

(Video in french, English coming soon)

Fast installation

The multi-lines meter ENERGY36 is delivered in a tight case which makes it independent from the surface area of the electrical box because it can be settled indoor or outside the electrical box.

ENERGY36 case

ENERGY36 meter is installed in few minutes due to its "Plug and Play" design (automatic correction of phases order, configuration’s slots, communication’s automatic recognition).

Plug n Play ENERGY36

The intelligent multi-line meter ENERGY36 uses removable connectors enabling electricians to implement it easily and quickly wiring it without any clamping screw.

ENERGY36 Removable connectors

45 Visualization’s leds provides an easy wiring and system installation (check’s led for phases’s wiring, detection’s leds for wiring failure, Input led, radio and computer communication’s led).

ENERGY36 visualization's leds

ENERGY36 Electrician

The multi-line counter ENERGY36 measures different lines through "open tores" that allow a very fast installation without interrupting your power grid.
It measures up to 5000 amps per line with snap open tores. View the tore range.

TOR ENERGY36 "1 clic"

TORE connections are to be connected to the "Removable" and "fast" connectors.

See an example of how to implement tores in an electrical cabinet

Communications between the Energy36's

Modbus wired communication allows the communication between the ENERGY36's and to collect the measured data.
Modbus IP communication is provided through the Modbus serial> IP converter.
Supplied as optional
ENERGY36 Modbus-IP
Wireless communication optimizes installation time. RF radio network long range (up to 6km in free field).ENERGY36 radio long range

Data visualisation

ENERGY36 is designed to be implemented into the infrastructure of BMS/BAS and energy management software, allowing you to view the data collected in your usual tools.

In addition to this integration, we can provide a touchscreen display to retrieve and display all the measured data of the multi-line ENERGY36 electric meters.

For more information, please watch the following video:
(Video in french, English coming soon)

Franch Download datasheet

Technical specifications



Currents measurement of from 0 to 5000 amperes

Modbus RTU wired communication

Voltage measurement from 90Vac to 600Vac

Radio 868MHz RF communication between ENERGY36 - 6 Km range in open field

Scalable from 1 to 12 measurement cards (from 1 to 36 lines uniphase/triphase)

1 radio network group includes up to 10 ENERGY36 (or up to 360 lines)

Measurement by open tores 20A, 80A, 120A, 300A, 600A, 1500A, 3000A and 5000A

All instantaneous data and cumulative data for each period of each line are available in Modbus communication

General features


Factory presetting

3 types of voltage measurement : Ph+N/3P/3Ph+N

45 display LEDs (states / communication / default / login)

Up to 36 current measurement inputs by CT (Open tore)

Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 50 ° C

4 pulse inputs / TOR

Case: Dimensions: Height: 341mm / Width: 291mm / depth: 128mm - Protection: IP66

1 analog input

Measured data for each line:

Power / Energy


Active power (kW) / Active energy (kWh)

Cos Phi / Tan Phi

Reactive power(kVAR) / Reactive energy (kVARh)

Harmonics (THD)

Apparent power (kVA) / Apparent energy (kVAh)

Micro power cut (Line-disturbance measurement)

Maximum active power

Frequency (Hz)


Power current

Voltage min and max

Current max

Average Voltage

Average Current